Wild Sunflower Massage, formerly The Traveling Sunflower, is a Professional Licensed Massage Therapy Provider!

We strive to provide our clients with functional massage and meditation that aims to help restore mobility and quality of life.  With Wild Sunflowers Massage you never have to worry about high-pressure sales and you have control over how your bodywork is performed. We customize each session to work with you, your body, and your schedule!


Monday - Friday

10:30 am - 6:00 pm

No Walk-Ins available.

Additional hours (including weekends) may be available for established clients.

All clients are scheduled by appointment only.

Same day appointments are very limited, requests will be reviewed upon request.


Sarah Kausalik

Sarah discovered her love for healthcare at the young age of 15. At that time her grandmother was battling cancer and was riddled with pain not much could alleviate. While her grandmother sought help using homeopathic and nutritionist help she also discovered comfort from her pain using massage. Knowing that she could assist comforting her loved one, Sarah spent many hours working with her grandmother. She contributes her love for the medical field to this and the many ancestors that were also healers.
Sarah would later go on to discover she had a deep appreciation for the massage trade. As a chronic pain sufferer herself, she understands how difficult it is to be your best self when your mind and body are battling pain. Finding that massage helped reduce pain, clear the mind, and boost immunity, she decided to make the leap and help others. Sarah attended 2 years of school in Phoenix, Arizona, graduated school, and moved into entrepreneurship. After graduation it didn’t take long for her love of Colorado and its cooler crisp air, trees, and mountains to beckon her heart to return to her home state. Upon her return she opened The Traveling Sunflower September 1, 2016, bringing quality in home and in office massage therapy to clients in Colorado.
Sarah constantly seeks continuing education courses to enrich her techniques and able to provide innovative one of a kind treatments. Her most recent integrations include Meditation and confidence lessons in body language and its effects on your life. These resources can be used in conjunction with massage to further relax the mind and body as well as help set and accomplish goals with body work and all walks of life.
The Traveling Sunflower received its name from the way sunflowers are known to follow the sun’s rays in their bud stage of development. In the morning hours the closed flower buds face east following the rising sun and gradually turning west as the sun travels the sky. They do this till they open into big beautiful blooms. After blooming the head no longer follows the sun, however they become an uplifting bright yellow that brings thoughts of happiness and hope to its viewers and useful source of nutrition for living creatures.
Sarah strives to be the sun for her clients. When clients are closed off from the pain and discomfort they are in, she strives to relieve their pain and help them bloom into their fullest potential. Once they have reached their goals she hopes they will go on to become all they desire to be, enriching the lives of others. Don’t forget, maintenance is very important to keep the results!


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Schedule an appointment:

Text or Call: (720) 795-5691

Email: SarahKausalik@ymail.com


  • License of Massage Therapy - Cortiva Phoenix Campus

  • Certificate Hot Stone

  • Certificate Ace Vacuum Cupping

  • Meditation Instruction


Your Appointment

You don't need to be nervous about your appointment.

Here is what you can expect!

Massage Appointment:

  • Your therapist will greet you at the door.

  • You lead the way to the room we will be working in, and I will disinfect the massage table and set it up with fresh linen for you.

  • We will briefly go over any concerns you have for your session.

  • When you are ready to get on the table, I will instruct you to get disrobed to your comfort level and get settled between the sheets. While you are busy doing that I step out of the room and wash up.

  • When you are ready, I return to the room and proceed with your massage. I ask that you have open communication with me to help you stay comfortable and meet your bodywork goals.

  • Your body will stay draped at all times, only the areas we work on will be uncovered and only long enough to work the area.

  • I take your bodywork seriously! I will never ask for or tolerate anything sexual.

  • Once your massage is complete, I will step out of the room while you return to being dressed.

  • When you are ready I will return to the therapy room and talk about any concerns you may have for aftercare. I also ask that you drink plenty of water to avoid headaches and sore muscles.

  • I will clean up from our session and be on my way to the next client!

  • Tips are appreciated but never expected.

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